Andrexen Network - ASN 44583

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Andrexen is a Telecom Manufacturer delivering innovating VoIP and Unified Communication applications since 2004.
We are running multiple voice plateforms in Paris datacenters requiring high quality connectivity to end users / French ISPs for VoIP services. Check Andrexen website for more informations.

Since 2010, in collaboration with Consulcom, we are also provide broadband (ADSL/SDSL) services.
Andrexen is fully operating the aggregation plateform (multiples LNS, routing and services) on AS 44583.

Technical informations

Transits:AS29075, AS702


Our peering policy is open. Feel free to contact us below
We are connected to the following GIX:
- Equinix Paris
- France-IX (via SFINX gateway)

Direct interconnection may also be setup if needed. Contact us for details.


- NOC/network related issues: Christophe Meron - noc(@)andrexen(.)com
- Peering requests: peering(@)andrexen(.)com
- Abuse: abuse(@)andrexen(.)com
- General phone: +33172741590